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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alabama Blogger Lunch!!!

Yesterday I got to meet some amazing bloggers from Alabama! It was kind of like a blind date at first!  I didn't know what everybody would look like, and how I would recognize them!  I spotted Jada and Jennifer and just knew that they had to be bloggers!  We had so much fun talking about school and teaching!  They were all just as sweet and nice as I had imagined! We met as strangers, but left as friends!  Jennifer was just as funny as she could be, and was helpful with blogging tips!
Mechele was also super funny and had some stories about her kids always adopting animals (which sounds a lot like me, always wanting to bring home strays!) 
Jada is new to blogging and teaches with Jennifer.  She is super sweet!
Angela is also new to blogging, and lives close to me!  Who knew?!? 
Vickie came all the way from Florida, and I think we could totally be shopping buddies!  I love accessories, and she had a super cute ring! 
Kelli was just as nice as I had imagined, and had on a really cute shirt!
Lauren was just as real and genuine as I had thought she would be!
Melissa seems to have an obsession with crime shows just like me!  HA!
The best part of the day was talking about something that we all loved to do, and they all wanted to try and help with my never ending job hunt!  I hope that one day soon we can all meet up again--and hopefully even more Alabama bloggers will come!  Here are some pics that Jennifer took, I hope she doesn't mind that I'm stealing borrowing them! :)

Jada, Angela, and me
Mechele and me
Jennifer, Jada, and Angela
Lauren and Melissa
Vickie and Kelli

Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Know You're a Teacher When...

I'm linking up with Kindergarten Lifestyle for a super fun linky party!  There are so many things that only teachers will understand!  You know you're a teacher when...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama Blogger Get Together!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Ummm... can I just say how super duper excited I am to hear that Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies has set up an Alabama blogger get together?!?! I can't wait to meet some super F*A*B Alabama bloggers at the end of the month!  I feel like I already know so many of ya'll just from reading your posts!  This is why all of my former firstie friends I taught with last year need to make a blog!  I've only been telling them that for forever!  Hummm...this will totally make them jealous so I think a couple of them may just decide to cave in and make one....and for this reason!   It took awhile for them to jump in on the whole Pinterest band wagon....and of course they blame me for their *slight* addictions!  HA!  They keep saying they'll get addicted to blogging too....but who are we kidding?  Of course they would!  Anywho....can't wait for February 25th and to talk about what we are all so passionate about....TEACHING!