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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Classroom Jobs Linky Party

The Lesson Plan Diva is having a Classroom Jobs Linky Party!  I have several jobs each week for my students.  I had a small pocket chart on the side of my desk.  The classroom jobs  and student's names were written on index cards and I changed out the names each week going by the student's number order.  The students love when it's their turn to have a classroom job!
  • Production Coordinators {girl and boy}--they give each student hand sanitizer and make sure the students arequiet in the restrooms
  • Director {Line Leader}--I changed this out every day and went by the student's number order.  The director was also the door holder. {When it was a student's birthday he/she got to be line leader that day.}
  • Script Runner--the student took notes to office/other teachers; took lunch bag and receipt book to the box in the morning; passed out papers; etc
  • Studio Crew--they picked up pencils, made sure the books were put back into their baskets
  • Litter Patrol--at the end of the day all of the students picked up any trash around their area. 
  • Center Patrol--this is an awesome  idea that I want to do next year!  I found this idea from The Lesson Plan Diva.  Learn more about this job here!
What kind of classroom jobs do you have?  I'm always interested to learn new ideas...so share away!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pinterest Linky Party = Awesome!!!

Michelle's Math in the Middle is having a Pinterest Linky Party!  If you haven't heard of Pinterest it's the AWESOMEST website EVER...and best of all...it's FREE!!!  It's a place where you "pin" the things that you like to a specific board.  I have so many boards and even more pins.  I have found TONS of ideas for next school year (which I hope I get a phone call soon with a job...but anyway back to Pinterest)!  Instead of googling a certain topic search for it on Pinterest because chances are someone has already found exactly what you are looking for!  Once you have found what you like you just "pin" it to a specific board.  I have other boards besides teaching such as: recipes, wedding ideas, holiday and party ideas, ideas for your home, and DIY ideas.  I ended up creating new boards because I was finding tons of fabulous teaching ideas.  So you can create a specific board for each subject...which I wish I had thought of that when I started! LOL! If you are not on board with Pinterest yet....get on board!  Send me your email and I will be happy to send you an invite!  If you are on Pinterest click my Pinterest button!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Linky Recipe Party!!!

I am so excited about finally being able to participate in a Linky Party (and I hope I'm doing this right!)  I'm linking up with Clutter-Free Classroom for a week long Linky Party!  Today's topic is: Share a recipe that you often make during the school year. Bonus points will be awarded if your recipe freezes well or can be made in a crockpot.  Here is recipe that looks delish ya'll!  I can't wait to try it!  It's Easy Crockpot Lasagna from girl who ate everything.  I mean...it's lasagna so how can you can go wrong, right?!?!

Easy Crockpot Lasagna
Easy Crockpot Lasagna

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Blogging World!

Hello fellow bloggers.  I'm finally getting on board the blogging world!  I already have several favorite teaching blogs that I continuously stalked last school year! This is new to me...so let me know how to make the most out of my blog!