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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Freebie for You....and Ryan Lochte Too :)

Hey ya'll!!!  Of course I had to stay up and watch the Olympics last night and today,  I always get so excited when it comes on.  So my sweet thirdsters will be having all kinds of Olympic fun in my classroom when school starts.  I've got lots of ideas, more on that later!  :)  I went to school super early this morning for a School Wide Work Day.  Well, I was hoping to meet some more of the teachers I'd be working with...but they weren't there.  I spray painted paw prints again....and ptl that all the halls are finished!  Then I watched the guy's swim meet.  I mean... Ryan Lochte is super cute....and could possibly be my future hubby!  HA!  ;)  It only helps that I was a fan before he won gold!  Swoon...So anyways back to why I'm posting... while I was doing that I finished these multiplication and division key words to go along with my addition and subtraction key words I got from The Teacher Wife.  I got some poster board and made a big multiplication and division symbol, then cut out the words.   Hope some of ya'll can use them!  Click *HERE* to download.

 Who else is excited about the Olympics?  And I leave you with this...   :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tell me more, more, more!!!

I'm arriving fashionably late to Amy's Linky Party.  I love a good linky, so it's about time I showed up for the party!

1.  I have really, really loud sneezes!  Seriously, whenever I sneeze at school my kiddos jump!  They never get use to it either.  People always say "Wow, that's such a big sneeze for such a little person!" HA!

2. I will NOT eat buffets!!!  A long time ago I witnessed a kid picking his nose {and a buger}...and then...he TOUCHED the food with his HANDS!!!!  EWWWWW!  I've been scarred ever since! 

3.  I don't eat anything off of a bone.  It has to be a filet or boneless if I'm gonna eat it.  Does anybody else out there get grossed out by the little blue part on the bone?  Let's just say that I hate dread days when the cafeteria serves chicken legs!  Those little babies just gnaw the daylights off those things!

4.  I just moved from Alabama to teach in Mississippi.  Can't wait to meet my third graders!

5.  I secretly like to make up rap songs.

6.  When I am getting gas it has to land on an even number.

7.  I own every Hanson CD ever made, and I seriously STILL listen to them!  I can sing every line of MMM Bop.  That will always be my all time favorite song!  If I'm having a bad day or sad I listen to that song and it makes me super happy!

8.  I love to repurpose stuff.  I love to turn the ugliest stuff into one-of-a-kind, unique pieces!

9.  Dr. Pepper and Reeses are important food groups on my diet.

10.  I'm a big germ-a-phob.  I Lysol off desks, doorknobs, pencils, and book baskets after school every day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life...in The Burg...So Far

Hey ya'll!  Wow!  It seems like I haven't had much time for blogging these days, I've been so busy with my move.  I moved last Thursday to "The Burg".  Life...well...it's been crazy to say the least!  I'm like, "Do I really live here?  Is this really my classroom?"  Crazy is the only word I can think of to sum up the past few days!  I came up to the school to spray paint tiger paw prints on the halls....by the way, if ya'll know how to get blue spray paint off of your nails, I'd love to know!  I still have blue tinted nails! I've met some of the teachers, and they are as sweet as they can be!  I've even had lunch with a few of them already.  My classroom looks like it threw up school supplies, books, and decorations right now!  Hopefully, I can get most of my classroom together soon and put some pictures of my room up!  So I'll be back in a few days with pictures of my life...in The Burg...and some freebies!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I got a Job!!!

Hey ya'll!!!  Some of ya'll know that I didn't get a teaching job last school year, and that I did some long-term leaves and subbed this year.  My search is over!  I will be teaching third grade for the upcoming school year at a small school in Mississippi. This job *literally* fell in my lap...I didn't send a resume like I've been doing for the past year.  The principal called me out of the blue....and here it is a few weeks later and I'm moving to teach!  Saying yes to new things is scary, but you never know how it will turn out if you don't take that leap of faith.  Join me as I move to a new state, and begin teaching at a different school....I created a blog for my thirdsters that you can check out *here*  I'm still going to blog mainly here though!  :)
I any of you live in Mississippi or know of a blogger that does let me know!  Any of ya'll use the Envision math series???