Sunday, July 24, 2011

Classroom Jobs Linky Party

The Lesson Plan Diva is having a Classroom Jobs Linky Party!  I have several jobs each week for my students.  I had a small pocket chart on the side of my desk.  The classroom jobs  and student's names were written on index cards and I changed out the names each week going by the student's number order.  The students love when it's their turn to have a classroom job!
  • Production Coordinators {girl and boy}--they give each student hand sanitizer and make sure the students arequiet in the restrooms
  • Director {Line Leader}--I changed this out every day and went by the student's number order.  The director was also the door holder. {When it was a student's birthday he/she got to be line leader that day.}
  • Script Runner--the student took notes to office/other teachers; took lunch bag and receipt book to the box in the morning; passed out papers; etc
  • Studio Crew--they picked up pencils, made sure the books were put back into their baskets
  • Litter Patrol--at the end of the day all of the students picked up any trash around their area. 
  • Center Patrol--this is an awesome  idea that I want to do next year!  I found this idea from The Lesson Plan Diva.  Learn more about this job here!
What kind of classroom jobs do you have?  I'm always interested to learn new share away!

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