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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Teacher "Must Haves" for Back to School

Amanda over at the Teaching Thief is having a Top 10 Teacher Must Haves Linky Party!  Of course when we are getting ready to go back to school we think about what we need to have for our students.  What do we get ourselves?  Here are my top 10 things that I get for myself when it's time to get ready for back to school!
1.  R2 Blast Pens:  I love the way they write and the fun, bold, neon colors actually work!  I'm obsessed with these pens!  I only use these pens when I'm grading...never in red.  You can only find them at the Dollar General--which I call "The Little Yellow Boutique!"  I always pick up a pack when I'm there!
2. Mr. Sketch Markers:  These bring me back to yester-year!  I love using Mr. Sketch markers for anchor charts and bulletin board projects.  I need a new pack!
3.  Bic Mechanical Pencils:  I like the way that mechanical pencils write.  I guess you could call me a pencil snob because I only use mechanical pencils. 
4.  Dry Erase Markers:  I love the neon colored ones.  I hate that the black expo markers smear when you erase the board...anybody else notice that?!?  I'm also glad to hear that other teachers do not share their markers either!  I keep a sticker on mine too so I know which markers belong to me!  When my students come to the board they use one certain marker without a sticker...if it has a sticker they don't touch it!  LOL!
5.  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers:  I use these for cleaning anything and everything!  Did ya'll know that these will clean off Sharpie marks?!?
6. Sharpies:  I love Sharpies almost as much as Mr. Sketch markers!
7.  Wite-Out: I'm always making some kind of mistake!
8: Kleenex:  I'm what you would call a germ-a-phob...so I have my own pack of Kleenex behind my desk that my kids cannot reach.  Maybe that's a little mean...?
9.  Post-It Notes:  I use these bad boys for everything!  From reminder notes for me to using them in lesson plans! 

10..  Dr. Pepper and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups:  I always keep a case of Dr. Pepper in my fridge...which comes in handy when I'm working late after school!   I'm totally addicted to Reese's!  Who doesn't need a chocolate fix while the kids are a PE?  Of course I share with my cohorts!

So head on over to Amanda's blog to join the party and tell everybody what your Top 10 Teacher Must Haves are!!!


  1. Hi Ashlee! Thanks so much for joining my linky party. I love your list. I am going to have to check out the pens from "The Little Yellow Boutique." Also, thanks for sharing the Magic Eraser tip! I'm definitely going to use that. ~Amanda

  2. My co-worker next door and I have a secret stash of candy for when the kids go to special haha. It's an absolute must!


  3. @Amanda: I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! That's advice straight from the Sharpie company back when I was in college! LOL!!!

    @Meghan: A secret candy stash is an absolute must! :)