Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 11th Memorial Mosaic

Hey ya'll!  This is going to be a quick one!  I wanted to share a cooperative group art activity that I do for September 11th.  You will need butcher paper, magazines, construction paper, glue, a marker, and fake rose petals (optional).  After talking about September 11th and reading books about that day, the students work together to make a memorial mosaic of the Twin Towers.  I sketch out a drawing of the Twin Towers and then the students make a mosaic out of construction paper and magazines.  I always read the book September Roses by Jeanette Winters.  The book is about two sisters from South America that fly to New York on September 11th for a flower show.  When they find out what happened they make a memorial of the Twin Towers out of all of the roses they had brought, so that's why I let them use fake rose petals on the mosiac.  The mosaic always turns out really cute and is a wonderful way for the students to create their own memorial for all of the people lost on September 11th.  I make this a group activity, but you could also let them make individual mosaics.  I just like for this mosaic to be larger! My class also also writes a letter and draws a picture for the local fire and police stations in the community, thanking them for their service.  I wish I had a picture to show you of the mosaic, but I don't have a picture from last year and no class this year.  I was going to make one to post....but I have a test to go and study for instead!  I have to take a test for another county in order to get an interview for several please say a little prayer for me on Friday when I take the test!  I really would like to have a class again this year, because I have missed teaching...especially with all of ya'lls awesome teaching ideas!

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  1. Thanks Amanda! I think I passed it! :)

  2. I'm going to have to check out the book you mentioned. I hope your test went well!