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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Still Alive!!!

Hey Friends!  Wow I cannot believe that I haven't been on here lately!  My computer crashed, and I have been without a computer for awhile.  My brand new PURPLE computer finally arrived, and I'm so excited that this is my first post on Lillac (which is what I named my computer)!!!

On my last post I told ya'll I had to go and take a test in order to get an interview.  Well what ya'll didn't know was that had to drive about 4 hours just to take that little test!  The test consisted of 5 short essay questions and one math problem!  I thought to my little self that it was going to look so good to that school board that I came from out of town...and then there was a girl from Texas that came just to take the test!  Texas!  She drove all the way to Alabama to take a test!  So then I never got a call for an interview...so that was really sad!  Until...last week...still haven't heard anything, but I felt good about the interview.

Since then I took a maternity leave as a media assistant.  That's been really fun!  I have discovered so many awesome children's books... I may go broke before it's over!  :)I'll be posting about some of the books I've found! In two weeks that leave will be over...so I'm looking for a teaching job...

Here in Alabama there is a new law that has been passed, and the amount of pay towards retirement is going to go up after December.  This is going to make a lot of teachers that planned on retiring after this school year end up retiring in December.  So I'm hoping and praying for one of those jobs!  So we will see what happens!  I'm optimistic and I know that God has another classroom full of students planned for me!  I just wish I knew when that classroom was going to come my way! 

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