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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"How to Get a Girl": According to a First Grader

Hey ya'll!  This is just to cute not to share!  This was found in the first grade hall a couple of weeks ago when I was subbing!  My friend and I decided that it had to be from a first grader!  Ha!  Kids are so funny!

This is what it says:
Rule 1.  Dress nice.  'Were' clean shoes.  'Were' 'colone'.  Brush your hair.

Rule 2.  Don't talk like an idiot!!!!!  HA!!!  {That's my favorite!!!}

Rule 3.  TAKE OUT THE EARRING! (Not sure about that one!  I do know a fourth grade boy that has an earring...so I'm thinking this note was meant for him!)  HA!!!
I think this kid knows what she's talking about!

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