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Friday, July 27, 2012

Tell me more, more, more!!!

I'm arriving fashionably late to Amy's Linky Party.  I love a good linky, so it's about time I showed up for the party!

1.  I have really, really loud sneezes!  Seriously, whenever I sneeze at school my kiddos jump!  They never get use to it either.  People always say "Wow, that's such a big sneeze for such a little person!" HA!

2. I will NOT eat buffets!!!  A long time ago I witnessed a kid picking his nose {and a buger}...and then...he TOUCHED the food with his HANDS!!!!  EWWWWW!  I've been scarred ever since! 

3.  I don't eat anything off of a bone.  It has to be a filet or boneless if I'm gonna eat it.  Does anybody else out there get grossed out by the little blue part on the bone?  Let's just say that I hate dread days when the cafeteria serves chicken legs!  Those little babies just gnaw the daylights off those things!

4.  I just moved from Alabama to teach in Mississippi.  Can't wait to meet my third graders!

5.  I secretly like to make up rap songs.

6.  When I am getting gas it has to land on an even number.

7.  I own every Hanson CD ever made, and I seriously STILL listen to them!  I can sing every line of MMM Bop.  That will always be my all time favorite song!  If I'm having a bad day or sad I listen to that song and it makes me super happy!

8.  I love to repurpose stuff.  I love to turn the ugliest stuff into one-of-a-kind, unique pieces!

9.  Dr. Pepper and Reeses are important food groups on my diet.

10.  I'm a big germ-a-phob.  I Lysol off desks, doorknobs, pencils, and book baskets after school every day.


  1. Hi Ashlee! I followed your link from Amy's Linking Party, and I had to comment and follow your blog, because I'm a huge germaphobe too!! Lysol is my best friend. I also can't live without Dr Pepper and Peanut Butter M&M's!! I hope you have a great year with your new 3rd graders! Oh, and eating meat off the bone is disgusting.

    Spectacular 2nd Grade

  2. I lol so many times reading this! I'm also a germophobe & totally agree! I don't do the even number thing, but it's probably going to happen now!

  3. Thank ya'll for following! I'm heading to your blogs now! :)Glad to hear there are other germaphobs out there. :)