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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Freebie for You....and Ryan Lochte Too :)

Hey ya'll!!!  Of course I had to stay up and watch the Olympics last night and today,  I always get so excited when it comes on.  So my sweet thirdsters will be having all kinds of Olympic fun in my classroom when school starts.  I've got lots of ideas, more on that later!  :)  I went to school super early this morning for a School Wide Work Day.  Well, I was hoping to meet some more of the teachers I'd be working with...but they weren't there.  I spray painted paw prints again....and ptl that all the halls are finished!  Then I watched the guy's swim meet.  I mean... Ryan Lochte is super cute....and could possibly be my future hubby!  HA!  ;)  It only helps that I was a fan before he won gold!  Swoon...So anyways back to why I'm posting... while I was doing that I finished these multiplication and division key words to go along with my addition and subtraction key words I got from The Teacher Wife.  I got some poster board and made a big multiplication and division symbol, then cut out the words.   Hope some of ya'll can use them!  Click *HERE* to download.

 Who else is excited about the Olympics?  And I leave you with this...   :)

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