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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Hometown was hit by the Tornado


Hey ya'll!  This post has nothing to do with teaching....but my heart is so heavy.  It may be making news nation wide by now {but I'm still without cable so I don't really know what is going on}.  My hometown of Clay, Alabama was hit by a devasting tornado early this morning.  No one knew a tornado was possible.  We all went to sleep just thinking we may have bad weather....When I woke up and I heard that the neighborhoods by me were demolished and many people had died--including a 16 year old girl.  Thankfully my family and I were okay and so was my neighborhood.  The tornado turned, and if it hadn't we probably would have lost everything.  So many people I know lost everything today, and still there are others that I haven't heard from.  As I type I still hear helicopters and sirens, and I hope and pray that the firefighters are pulling out survivors.  The cable is still out, so I only know what people are telling me. 

On April 27, 2011 another devasting tornado ripped through Alabama and I knew so many people that were affected in the small community of Shoal Creek Valley.  This was the community I taught in and I saw the destruction first hand.  Driving through the Valley I saw people I knew walking like Zombies, I heard the sirens of fire trucks and police, and I heard chainsaws trying to find survivors.  I cannot believe that this is happening again...in MY community....MY town.  Please say a prayer for Clay, Alabama and remember the victims today.

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